Websites Responsive – WordPress

All websites we build are designed in WordPress and all of them have Responsive Design.

What is a responsive website?

It is a website that has the layout prepared to adapt to the shape of a tablet or smartphone. When you view the website on your computer, format expands and takes advantage of all the screen. In the phone, the information change position, but preserves the size of the information.
It is common for companies think they have a responsive website, just simply because the business site to be working when visible on a smartphone. All websites running on smartphones, because it is a browser equal to the computer, just in case it is a website built in flash, this can not be viewed on tablets or smartphones. However, when the website is not responsive, the user is required to use touch to navigate the website.

Advantages of Websites Responsive WordPress?

  • One layout for various kinds of displays;
  • Lets website / blog faster for mobile devices;
  • Avoid redirects address;
  • Avoid duplicate content and punishments of the Search Engines;
  • It is user user-friendly.

The main advantage of a Website Responsive WordPress is in functionality for the user, but from the point of view of technical SEO, this type of layout / design facilitates optimization and prevents errors in the search engines.

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